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Sizzling saunas in
the Austrian Alps

The eight saunas we have here at the Hotel Theresa cover all bases, from intense heat to gentle warmth, low humidity to jungle-like steam rooms. We even have a special ice sauna with a permanent snow feature. Whatever kind of sauna experience you enjoy, we are sure you will find the perfect place to build up a sweat.



This hot sauna has a relatively high humidity thanks to a machine which constantly applies small amounts of water to the hot stones. A good place to relax if you are used to saunas and enjoy heat.

(~ 90-95°C)

This sauna is super-hot and has low levels of humidity, meaning it stimulates the circulation of blood throughout the body and improves the skin's natural moisture. Further benefits of this sauna include the removal of natural toxins from the body, the generation of new cells and the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system.

(~ 60-70°C)

This gentle sauna is excellent for a natural skin detox. Further benefits include stimulation of the blood circulation and the body's lymphatic system. Last but not least, this warm but not hot sauna improves natural resistance to harmful environmental factors such as smog. A soothing, relaxing experience for both body and mind.

(~ 40-45°C)

Low temperature, high humidity – that is a good way to sum up what our saltwater steam room offers. Natural water is enriched with salt from the Austrian mountains to create an almost tropical climate which offers many benefits for the human body: relaxed muscles, improved metabolism, cleaner skin, better breathing.

(~ 40-42°C)

This sauna is exactly what its name promises – a steam room with relatively gentle heat but high humidity and a wonderful aroma of natural herbs. Clearer airways, a stronger immune system and an overall sense of improved wellbeing are just some of the benefits. Particularly recommended for guests suffering from a cold or lung-related complaints.


A sauna experience dating back to Roman times. The gentle heat improves the flow of blood, supports the process of removing natural toxins and strengthens the immune system.

Infrared rays help relax tired and tense muscles, soothe back pain and support the body in fighting off colds and dealing with skin problems. A great way to strengthen your immune system and feel the effect of natural infrared radiation on the skin and muscles.


A sauna with snow? No, really. A super-cool experience combining the soothing heat of the sauna with the natural refreshment of snow. Curious? Come and find out more!

Health retreat in the mountains
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