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Hotel with waterbeds
in Austria

Rest and relaxation are a key element of every good holiday. We know that here at the Hotel Theresa, which is why we offer guests lots of places to unwind – heated recliners, wonderfully comfy waterbeds, a beautiful garden, or simply gazing out of the window at the lush meadows or snowy mountains. Our location in the heart of the Austrian Alps means spectacular scenery all year round. A perfect setting to relax mind, body and soul.

Panoramic Relax Room

This relaxation area with lots of natural light is located next to the 25-metre sports pool and is close to the panorama sauna and infrared sauna. Let yourself sink onto a comfy lounger and enjoy amazing views stretching across meadows and mountains.

Sun House

Heated recliners, a natural water feature, relaxing music and the gentle warmth of an open fireplace make the Sun House a great place to relax as you enjoy the views of our garden and the surrounding mountains.

Discover your new favourite tea flavour & a selection of fruit at our refreshment bar

The refreshment bar at the Hotel Theresa is open all day and offers guests a range of tea infusions as well as fresh fruit to choose from.

Room of Silence

Heated water beds invite guests to enjoy the sound of silence here on the third floor of our hotel. Lie back, relax and try to keep your eyes open to enjoy the view!

Sauna Relax Room

This special relaxation area has been made using 100-year-old wood from farmsteads in Tyrol and also features an open fireplace. A great place to relax before or after a visit to the sauna, for example with a good book or a glass of Grander Water.

Pool Landscape

Next to our outdoor pools we have a range of deckchairs and recliners where you can keep an eye on the kids or take in the fine views of the mountains and pastures.


Our garden is the perfect place to get away from it all. It blends seamlessly into the 150,000 square metres of pastures and meadows surrounding the hotel and is a popular spot for relaxing in summer.

Peace and quiet at last
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