She wrote history in the Alpine hotel world as she cultivated her special brand of mountain hospitality: Theresa Egger, who is affectionately called "Mama" by everyone, is the soul of our establishment a place that bears the stamp of her great love for people and her passion for being a wonderful host.

She lives for values which today, luckily, are back in fashion again: quality and individuality in all the services she provides. With what is literally maternal care that she is renowned for together with her untiring vitality and energy, she guarantees that this place of peace and recreation is always a home for people from all around the world. In her effort, Theresa is supported by a family that is always ready to jump right in a family that loves her above all else.


A day that begins with a smile is a successful day. Siegfried Egger also sees it that way, as he is personified happiness. Being able to live and work in his beloved Zillertal for him is a never-ending source of strength drawn between nature and hotel culture. No surpise that he infects his guests with his joie de vivre and that they immediately feel at home. In addition to bookkeeping, controlling and all technical matters, he often spends the evenings with guests in the restaurant.


Nature, the mountains, the tradition. In the mind of Stefan Egger, this threesome represents the roots of his success: he is responsible for extraordinarily outstanding cuisine, and the spiritual and physical well-being of the Theresa's guests.

Stefan, himself a successful marathon runner, knows how energy builds a person and how it can be chanelled through sports to achieve greater creativity and activity. For Stefan, anti-aging in practice is a mixture of healthy food, ideally fresh from Mother Nature, lots of exercise and plenty of fresh air.


You are successful only in what you enjoy doing. A motto which Christa Egger lives by. Christa is a woman with an enormous talent for reconciling the needs of her small family with those of the Theresa's giant world-wide family of guests.

Bearing responsibility is an elixir of life for Christa who, day after day in the reception, takes great joy in taking care of the guests' every need, ensuring that they have unforgettable holidays and that they take a suitcase full of joy with them when they leave the Zillertal returning home.


Charming and circumspect: "Sometimes", says Theresa junior, "I feel like I'm on a big stage, in a wonderful theatre. It is in my hands, together with those of our dedicated team, whether guests fall asleep happily, wake up with a beaming smile the next morning and greet the new day filled with joy." High-quality food and beverages also provide an important contribution, but a variety-filled sports and wellness programme, along with rooms where you feel wonderfully at ease complete the offer.

Theresa has turned her love into a profession: She values quality in all aspects of her life, she loves fine foods and appreciates exquisite wines, "plus I love to have happy people around me."


Alban completed his law studies in 1995. A series of detours brought him to the film industry and he is now a very successful film producer. His businesses and are well known in insider circles. In spite of his full professional life – and also his happy private life :-) – he is always there to support us with his expertise and experience.


Stephanie not only has a great sense when it comes to online marketing. Exquisite wines are a great passion of the enthusiastic young sommelier as well. As eldest granddaughter, Stephanie knew early on where her path would lead her: Back to the source. With her time at the renowned tourism school Villa Blanka in Innsbruck, she laid the first foundation for her future. After working abroad and gaining first work experience, Stephanie has now crowned her Bachelor's degree with a Master's degree.


Just like her sister, Franziska visited the tourism school Villa Blanka in Innsbruck with great success. Travelling and discovering things are inevitably embedded in the hotelier family's offspring. Franziska first worked in Lech for one winter season and then devoted herself to a contrasting programme on a trip to Thailand. Thanks to her carefree openness Franziska breathes fresh air into the THERESA, where she supports the reception and service teams.