Family hotel Theresa

Kids only

Hooray! This year, once again, there's no limit to the imagination, creativity, fun, and games that await the kids, both big and small - especially at our kids' club. Here, you'll get to laugh, run around, and make new friends ... and let your parents have a day just to themselves.

Everything KIDS find FUN and like to do

  • Breakfast buffet with everything kids love to eat
  • Lunch buffet (1 p.m.) and an evening Munchkin's Menu (6 p.m.) with our certified child and teen activity coordinator, or at their parents' table
  • Drinks available all day from the buffet at no charge (until 9 p.m.)
  • "THERESA Kids Club", where your youngsters will be well cared for at no charge 6 days per week
  • Free baby beds, high chairs, and baby monitors are, of course, all available at the THERESA
  • Exercise with your new friends as much, or as little, as you want
  • Variety-packed "Kids & Teens Program" incl. handicrafts, table tennis, billiards, disco, movies on a big screen, pony rides (€3.00), visit to an animal park and petting zoo, ....
  • Free use of the Wii U (deposit required).

Summer program

And in summer, we'll take some great trips to the farm, the petting zoo, ride on ponies, and go panning for real gold at the old mine. Learn the right way to hike, take part in a fun water battle, and enjoy a hearty barbecue, kids' disco, as well as a kids' fairy-tale hour at our big-screen movie theater, competitions, group swimming, kids' karaoke, biking, tractor rides with the Theresa Express, and more!

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