The Family

In the hotel THERESA


She wrote history in the world of Alpine hotels as she cultivated her special brand of mountain hospitality: Theresa Egger, whom everyone affectionately calls "Mama", is the soul of our establishment - a place that bears the stamp of her great love for people and her passion for being a wonderful host.

She lives for values which, luckily, are once again in fashion: quality and individuality in all the services she provides. With what is literally maternal care that is renowned far and wide, together with her untiring vitality and energy, she guarantees that this place of rest and recreation is always a home for people from around the world. In her effort, Theresa is supported by a family that is always ready to jump right in - a family that loves her above all else.


Nature, the mountains, the tradition. In the mind of Stefan Egger, this threesome represents the roots of his success: he is responsible for extraordinarily outstanding cuisine, and the spiritual and physical well-being of the Theresa's guests.

Stefan, himself a successful marathon runner, knows how energy builds a person and how it can be chanelled through sports to achieve greater creativity and activity. For Stefan, anti-aging in practice is a mixture of healthy food, ideally fresh from Mother Nature, lots of exercise and plenty of fresh air.


Charming and circumspect: "Sometimes", says Theresa junior, "I feel like I'm on a big stage, in a wonderful theatre. It is in my hands, together with those of our dedicated team, whether the guests fall asleep happily, wake up with a beaming smile the next morning and greet the new day filled with joy." Also making an important contribution are high-quality food and drink, but also a variety-filled sports and wellness program, along with rooms where you feel wonderfully at ease.

Theresa has turned her love into a profession: She values quality in all aspects of her life, she loves fine foods and appreciates a fine wine, "plus I love to have happy people around me."