Sauna world

Our sauna area in the wellness hotel in the Zillertal - Enjoy!


Small and continous infusions are the reason for relative high humidity. The perfect basis for relaxation with a nice view.

Bio-Sauna 60-70°C

Ideal way to cleanse the skin of toxins. Due to improvement in blood and lymphatic flow, the skin becomes more resistant to harmful environmental factors and smog. Relaxation for body and mind.

Herbal Steam Bath 40 - 42°C

The blend of herbs liberates your respiratory system. This cozy ambience supports relaxation of mind and body. Highly recommended when dealing with colds or lung problems.

Infrared sauna in the Pine Room 30°C

A gentle form of renewed life energies. Reduces back pain, strengthens the immune system, eases muscle tension.

Vital Sources

Throughout the day, you are invited to serve yourself from our "Vital Sources" in the form of fresh fruit, outstanding juices, herbal and cleansing teas - all inclusive!

Saunagenuss im Hotel Theresa | Zillertal
Saunieren im Hotel Theresa|Zillertal
Maharadjabad| Wellness Hotel Theresa