Fitness offers

Let go. Breathe the freedom. Soak up the love and attention which the THERESA gives to you ...

FIT & FUN. Exercise and Relaxation. Out in the fresh air, people discover renewed energy and strength with every breath they take. Air represents freedom - experience the moment to its fullest and, in the here and now, think only of yourself for once.

Take full advantage of the sunniest days of the year – our certified vitality trainers, Harri and Stefan Egger, await you! They'll take YOU by the hand and show you the secrets of a pathway to well-being, sharing some tricks for after your eventual return home – so that you can find energy and strength even amidst your daily routine .

Included within the framework of our Vitality & FITNESS program

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Nordic Walking
  • Exercise for the tummy - legs - bottom
  • Kinesio-exercize for the back
  • (Step-) aerobics
  • Exercise with the Pezzi Ball
  • Posture training - exercise for the back
  • Stretching
  • Kreisel gymnastics
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Shaolin-Qigong
  • Water aerobics
  • Strength-training with the Dynaband
  • Running - learn the easy approach to running with ultra-marathon runner, Stefan Egger
  • 20 km, flat running trail passing right by our hotel
  • Polar pulse monitors available for you to borrow
  • Morning walk
  • Heart-Chakra meditation
  • Equilibrium training
  • Relaxing body journey
  • Relaxation with a cloth and tennis ball
  • Focused breathing
  • Cycling and mountain bike tours
  • Mountain hikes
  • Crossbow shooting or darts




Our certified wellness and mental trainers hope you'll join them each and every day!

By walking "blind", you'll learn to listen to your inner self, building greater trust in the process, for in yourself and others!

Because of the buoyancy of water, your body's weight is reduced, while the water resistance increases the intensity of the workout. Ideal for those who are overweight !

Opportunity to work out the whole body - whenever and wherever you choose. Basically, you've got a whole fitness studio in your pants' pocket!

Training these areas results in improved body tone, stronger muscles and achieving, or rediscovering that perfect figure !

Slide – the ultimate sliding fun! This new form of aerobics allows you to improve your condition, sense of balance and rhythm, and your coordination in general !

A modern form of aerobics which develops coordination, sense of rhythm and endurance!

By using this exercise ball in your workout, you even exercise while you're sitting. A broad range of activities will help you to strengthen your back, mobilize your joints and achieve coordination.

Workouts focused on the muscles governing good posture, strengthening weak muscles and relieving extreme muscle tension !

Valuable back exercise which goes from the head on down!

From the ground up, learn correct technique, breathing and maintaining an optimal pulse rate to promote fat-burning !

Stretching exercises for the whole body, keeping the muscles and ligaments lithe and limber. This results in being able to maintain mobility and flexibility to a very high age, and simultaneously protect yourself from injury!

Through a constantly repeated series of movements, the mind falls into a light trance! The Chakras (the body's energy centers) are balanced and brought into harmony!

A mental journey through your own body, during which you will become aware of and even be able to alter various physical conditions!

Conscious tensing and relaxing of individual body parts results in improved muscle relaxation !

During this relaxation lesson, you'll learn simply therapy approaches which you'll easily be able to continue after you return back home!